I grew up in the church and spent nearly a decade as an educator. One thing I have picked up from every pastor, teacher, trainer, and speaker I have ever heard is they have all read the same manual that emphasizes the need to have 3 or 5 strong points to their message for the audience to grab hold of and use when they leave.

Now, notice that says 3 or 5 points. Most speakers tend to avoid Mr. 4 because…well… frankly, he’s weird.

Look at him over there. Being all even. I actually heard he was wearing socks with Birkenstocks at the mall last week. What a nut!

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If you are not yet a parent, let me encourage you now to take a trip to Japan, China or some other far eastern country to get some extensive training in the art of stealth.

This will be invaluable in preparation for what will probably be the most sound-sensitive time of your entire life. Don’t think I am being serious?

Let me describe for you my typical morning.

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