We are in a season of incredible political divisions.

Sure, there seems to be no valid option for the next person who will lead this once great nation into whatever chaos seems to be inevitably coming, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all entrench ourselves into our most recent set of beliefs and spray those opinions on the digital world around us with little regard for the consequences.

But you can’t just start posting your thoughts on Facebook willy-nilly.

There needs to be some sort of strategy and thought behind it or there’s a good chance your “friends” and “followers” might not heed your political advice and follow you down the path most taken.

So, with that in mind, here is a new 5 Non-Points: Political Advice on Social Media version. (warning: these will not be beneficial to you at all)

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Warning: You are about to enter my memory lane.

One of my fondest childhood memories was the Christmas my family spent in the snowy mountains of Colorado.

We cheated death every time my Dad drove us up that icy, winding, narrow road to the cabin and enjoyed snowball fights (which rarely happened in Texas) and warming up with some hot chocolate after an afternoon of playing and avoiding the 20 foot drop off behind the cabin.

Great time. Great memories.

But the moment that sticks out to me the most was Christmas morning as we came downstairs and my brothers and I were able to collectively unwrap the Nintendo gaming system we had been begging for over the previous several months.

It was incredible. We took turns seeing how far each of could get on Mario and pretended to be expert marksmen with Duck Hunt. (That console was expensive enough. Extra games would come later.)

And thus began a long and deep fascination with video games. Running, jumping, shooting, dodging, defeating, rescuing. Don’t know about females, but for a young boy, this little electronic device actually fulfills many of our deep desires…without ever leaving the couch.

And this is a problem.

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