Sometimes when I sit down to write, I begin to work through each sentence in my mind. I think about the order, the nouns, the verbs and the prepositions.

I try to determine the most impactful structure for the reader but what I usually struggle with are the adjectives and adverbs.

It’s not because I can’t think of any good ones, because there are plenty. The issue I face is the rampant overuse of all the best ones to describe the most common of nouns and verbs. I mean, I almost can’t stand to tell anyone I am excited anymore. That’s how much it’s been overused.

It’s rough for writers (and wannabes like myself) who struggle to find some sort of originality in their language to give adequate descriptions and fully paint the picture of a person, place, thing or action for their audience.

But, when the unexpected loss of a dear young woman, sister, daughter, cousin, niece and friend happens, as happened today to my dear friends, all desire to come up with something creative washes away and I am left with one simple word…precious.

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