We are in a season of incredible political divisions.

Sure, there seems to be no valid option for the next person who will lead this once great nation into whatever chaos seems to be inevitably coming, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all entrench ourselves into our most recent set of beliefs and spray those opinions on the digital world around us with little regard for the consequences.

But you can’t just start posting your thoughts on Facebook willy-nilly.

There needs to be some sort of strategy and thought behind it or there’s a good chance your “friends” and “followers” might not heed your political advice and follow you down the path most taken.

So, with that in mind, here is a new 5 Non-Points: Political Advice on Social Media version. (warning: these will not be beneficial to you at all)

#1 – Don’t Ignore the Meme

Nothing says, “I have strong convictions”, like a good satirical image. Yes, most of your targets will have little to no idea what you are getting at due to your lack of an actual message in the comments section and you will probably have to spend a good portion of your day fielding queries from the very individuals you were hoping would “get it”, but it’s all worth it in the end, right? Or, maybe you use or create your own meme so people know what you are getting at and the Facebook debate can start sooner rather than later.

#2 – Wait for a Breaking News Event

Who needs a good, levelheaded discussion about policies and the status of your country – or world – when you can just hold off until the next tragedy, political misstep or newly proposed, divisive law and really let your fingers loose with an emotion-fueled I told you so?

#3 – Keep Your Opinions Baseless

I know what you are thinking here…”He has to mean the opposite”. Well, my friend, let’s think this through. Hopping on Facebook or Twitter and sharing your political opinion, which just happens to line up with your favorite actor, actress, musician or athlete regardless of facts and based on almost zero information has to be a good idea. Surely they wouldn’t casually post their own “well-formulated” ideals on social media just to gain acceptance and approval of their peers.

 #4 – Sarcasm and Name-Calling = Conversion

There is no better way to connect with people of differing opinions than calling them names and using sarcasm to attack them on social media. Maybe not the best way to lead into the conversation, but if you can start with one fiery post – you know, just to lure in those who might disagree with you – then you can unleash comments of hate and disappointment at will. This should produce quite a few more people coming around to your way of thinking.

#5 – Say Good-bye to Rationality

Don’t even think about initiating an open dialogue on social media supported by valid points. There is definitely no place for that…especially in an election year. Time is sensitive and using any rationale to process your opinion before launching it into cyberspace for your dozens of impressionable friends is just too necessary. Will your rogue opinion cause them to doubt their initial beliefs? Not likely. Will it make them think twice about engaging in deep conversations with you in the future? Pretty good chance. But as long as you remember the whole idea is to share your ideas and thoughts, not to have a discussion with others, you will find you are right on track and your intentions will be fulfilled beautifully.

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