About Me

I can only assume that since you ended up on this page, you are a stalker.

Why do you want to know more about me? Is pouring out my very soul into each and every one of my blog posts not enough for you?

Well, whatever you were hoping to find out here, you can forget it.

I will never divulge personal information about myself, like the fact that I am married to the most beautiful, talented GIFT from God that blesses me everyday with her love. I am not going to spill that we have an amazing daughter that keeps us busier than all of our jobs combined, but offers us a billion times the reward.

You can keep on digging but you will never learn I used to be high school Spanish teacher and had the most amazing students (with the exception of one kid). And you won’t discover I work as a Client Relations Manager for a local Real Estate Company when I am not writing books and updating this blog.

But most importantly, the secret not even trained, Israeli Special Force Interrogation Specialists would be able to get from me, is how I love that God has a sense of humor and delights in our desire to find pleasure in using our gifts to share the love of Jesus with others.

So, that’s that!! You will never, ever, ever….oh…wait a second….crap! I am going to have to rewrite this page.

Let me just Command + A to select all the text and now to hit delete…{toddler crying}


  1. Laurie Norrell says:

    Tim, I am so sorry to hear that you got out of education, but I don’t blame you. I felt those same struggles you mentioned in your blog. Lucky for me, I moved to a small 2A school far away from the metroplex that has restored my faith in education. Less students, less administrators, and a school board that is less tolerant of ineptitude in their schools.
    While I’m sad you left teaching, I totally understand. Praying that this turn in the road leads you to happiness and more family time (which is the key to happiness, right?).

    PS. THAT administrator is probably the same one that made me realize the big city wasn’t the place for me anymore.

    • admin says:

      You are absolutely right, Laurie! Love getting to spend more time with my family. Glad you found a new place that works more for you. You were an amazing teacher and coach and I always admired how much the students cared and appreciated you.

  2. Stephanie Gresham says:

    Just wanted to say hello and I completely understand. I found myself nodding the entire time I was reading. It is heartbreaking to me that school politics and such drove away such a gifted teacher. You kiddos always spoke highly of you to me.
    I too have found a wonderful new school-home in a much smaller district. After so many years at the same school, leaving for me came down to a lack of respect from district administration and principals. I truly miss my fellow teachers and students from my former school, but you are right when you say that actual time teaching was getting more and more pushed to the side to make room for meetings, etc. I am so happy that you have found a new path, I strongly believe that we end up where we need to be. I will miss the noise from upstairs, but wish you the best. Blessings to you and your family.

    • admin says:

      Hey Gresham! Sometimes I still find myself wishing I could disturb your classes. Let me know what school you are at and I will try and make that happen for you. I am sure you miss it. Ha ha.

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