A wise man once said, “The role of a best friend can be played by many people throughout a life, but the importance of that role never changes.”


Ok…confession time. The “wise man” is me, and the quote was made up specifically for this blog. But, it still rings incredibly true in my own life.

I have been blessed with a few best friends over my 33 years. A large number of great friends too, but there was always something different in the “best” friend.

This is the person you have weird and overly honest conversations with at all hours of the night. This level of friendship is filled with mutually life-giving energy and maintains a steady burn every time the memory of a shared experience is brought back to the surface.

Most importantly, though, it is the person you count on to support and help you in all the crazy little adventures of life no matter how difficult things get.

I met Nathan, my first “best friend” when I was 3 years old. We watched the same few movies together almost every time we spent the night at each other’s house (and still quote lines from those movies to this day), learned to cook together, got mugged (not looked at in a weird way but actually robbed) together, played pranks at camp together and often navigated the confusing world of girls together.

He was with me when I “broke up” with the most terrifying girl in the neighborhood and sitting comfortably in the back seat when I got pulled over for driving at age 13.

(Yes, I know the number 3 is getting used a lot in this post, but it is just a coincidence. Please don’t try and “Da Vinci Code” this thing. It’s more likely there is some Biblical significance, and, if you do find something, I command you to share it with the other 2 readers in the comments section below.)

When I started attending school (homeschooled until 5th grade people, don’t hate), I met Jon, my second “best friend” and my time away from Nathan was filled with this other, amazing person. One who pushed me to levels of craziness I would not have attempted without someone who would laugh off the failures with me and celebrate the successes like we had just won some sort of adolescent championship.

Jon was the other half of our twin tower experience through junior high basketball. He continued trying to teach me how to ride his dirt bike even after I ran it into his parents’ garage door and didn’t understand the concept of shifting out of first gear at 30mph. He got me into playing my guitar and song writing, which became a “go to” move in wooing my next “best friend”.

Ultimately, I met Becky, (as a result of our best friends) who became the ”best friend” I would ever have long before we said I do.

She has been everything I could ever want from a “best friend”. She is supportive, adventurous within the law, like-minded but still independent and willing to push me to be better as a husband, father and friend.

You take a step back and look at the “best friends” God has placed in your life at one time or another and I hope you have experienced something similar.

But the greatest blessing of all is finding a “best friend” in your spouse.

If you have, be thankful.

If you haven’t, make it happen. Need help with that? You’re welcome to use this line on your husband or wife this evening…

“Hey, don’t forget there is a brain and a fun personality under this bodily layer of skeleton-like hotness!” (might want to modify this before you blurt it out)

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