FAQ’s (that no one is asking)

Why did you decide to write a humor blog?

I did a Google Blog Search and saw that there were only “about” 68,000,000 humor posts. So, I figured with such a low number and assuming the “about” meant the next blog would make an even 68 million, why not just go for it? I also thought Google might give me some sort of cash reward for being the 68 millionth blogger or something. I’m still waiting on that prize.

Have you ever tried Stand Up?

Not yet. I actually had a dream one time that I was going to do a Stand Up routine so I started writing jokes in my sleep. They didn’t seem as funny when I woke up.

Why did you choose the subtitle “Family + Faith + Humor”?

Great question, no one!  First of all, I try not to think too much, so it just happened to be one of the first things to pop into my head when I set up my blog homepage. But really, I believe that life is an amazing thing when you embrace these three aspects. I can’t imagine my life without my family, my relationship with Jesus and lots of laughter (sometimes to keep from crying).

Do you write anything besides humor?

I have just begun to branch out into more biographical writing, which is definitely out of my comfort zone, but something I am learning to love. I have also done some script writing (mostly for fun). Who knows? In a few years, I might self-publish my own mystery novel that focuses on the slowly vanishing career, and subsequently dreams, of an aspiring writer. Let’s hope not, though.

Where do you live?

That’s kind of a weird question. We live near Dallas.

No, what is your address?

That’s creepy. Please stop asking me these types of questions, no one.

How do we contact you?

Alright…assuming that this has nothing to do with the last two questions, you can click here to contact me.


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