After reading that title, one of two thoughts is probably running through your head right now.

1)    No way! I know his family and, while they might have been a little on the wild side, I am sure they never got involved with drugs.


2)    Sounds about right. Have you looked at his picture? It practically screams recovering meth addict.

If you are part of group number one, I will explain.

If you are part of group number two, I have high metabolism and my dark, sunken eyes are an inherited trait.

So, how did my family bring drugs into our neighborhood? Well, it was more of an indirect contribution.

When I was around ten, my older brothers and I would roam the neighborhood hanging out with friends that lived within a few blocks of our house and doing normal (but sometimes weird) kid stuff. We crawled through the storm drains, hunted squirrels with pellet guns and scavenged for food at each other’s houses.

Every once and awhile, though, we would get all our friends from the neighborhood together at one time (usually at night) and we would unlock the church building where our dad pastored and play a game we called Drug Bust. A few of us were chosen to be the “cops” and the rest of the group, about twenty or so people, would be the “drug dealers”.

I know what you are thinking. Who thought that a game called Drug Bust would be an appropriate game for a bunch of kids to be playing? And in a church no less? Well, our church (and neighborhood) in general was kind of like Vegas in that way. Whatever happened at the church late at night, stayed at the church. In other words, the adults had no idea.

So, we went to great extremes to make the game feel as authentic as possible. We had little baggies filled with powdered sugar and others filled with Italian seasoning or oregano. Essentially, it was hide-and-go-seek with fake drugs thrown into the mix as the “dealers” would take their baggies and hide throughout the church while the “cops” would try and find them to make the bust.

Twenty years later I am able to look back and realize this…that game was messed up. Not only did we give some of our more impressionable neighbors a taste of the thrilling world of drug dealing, but we also helped them learn tactics for avoiding cops and hiding their contraband if ever caught.

So, you’re welcome Duncanville Police Department, for this gift of job security in an ever-increasing time of economic instability!

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