I’m not big on doing a lot of self-reflection at the end of the calendar year and then coming up with all the ways I am going to make myself a better ME.

I don’t know. Maybe there is just too much improvement needed and I’m afraid to even go near that can of unfulfilled expectations.

Maybe it’s just easier to be surprised by my accomplishments at the end of the year instead of being disappointed by the areas I still find lacking when January 1 rolls around.

Or, is it possible I have already reached my peak level of personal fullness and there is nowhere to go from here but back down? (You’re laughing at the joke and not me, right?)

Anyway, I have decided it is time to give this resolution stuff a fair chance and what better way to ensure true accountability than to place it on a blog in the form of a Top 10 List.

So, here we go!

#10 – Lose 2 Pounds but Gain 10 Back

C’mon. You know me or have seen my picture on this blog (or FB posts). I don’t have much excess but I have measured out and weighed a full pound of buttery, creamy, wobbly, gelatinous accumulation right around the “love handle” area. I though it was going to be useful to the wife at some point based on the name alone, but this has turned out not to be the case. So, I want to get rid of those and pack on some muscle. Not sure where I want it yet. I was thinking of building it all on one side of my body so the change would look more extreme when I display the “improved” side in family pictures, but I’m still debating it.

#9 – Curse Less Like a Sailor

It’s a sad thing to admit, but my tongue needs to be put back on its leash. Proverbs was right. This thing has way too much influence and power. Plus, my daughter is starting to improve her speech to the point where these words of frustration will turn into daily vocabulary. Not good. I was thinking of doing one of those “throw change into the jar” things but I am leaning more toward electric shock therapy for quicker results.

#8 – Write More Often

Wow. I am pretty good at this resolution stuff. Literally completing this one at this very moment.

#7 – Be More Humble

Crap. I just kind of took one step forward and two steps back with that last one. Honestly, though, I finished reading The Ragamuffin Gospel a few weeks ago and it was a great reminder of the constant grace I live in through Jesus. I need to make every effort to offer the same to everyone else.

#6 – Temper My Competitiveness

Somewhere in the timeline of young Tim Chesney, a seed of competition was planted and the belief I could be the best at anything began to take root in my mind. And, I mean ANYTHING. Best basketball player. Best guitar player. Best at being tall and white. See? Anything. And no, this is not being the best I can be at something, but more of being better than those around me – or just anyone on the planet. Maybe I should have just called this resolution “lower my expectations”?

#5 – Connect with People More Frequently

How do I put this in a less self-centered way? I love me some “ME” time. Nope, I couldn’t do it. I’m not that good with words yet, I guess. Anyway, there is nothing like just relaxing at home and watching a show, reading a book or writing a lengthy blog post, but the draw of enjoying some peace and solitude can actually deter me from engaging in the relationships I have or forming new ones. Not a good thing.

#4 – Perfecting Tim-Jit-Su

This is a fighting style I have been working on for years now, but have been unable to patent as the techniques are somewhat lacking. It basically consists of stealthy kicks to the butt of your opponent, disarming the escalating situation with jokes and cowering in the fetal position when the first two actions fail.

#3 – Learn to Kick a Soccer Ball

Alright. I spent about 98% of my youth focusing on NOT kicking a ball so this is very counter-intuitive to my body’s natural tendencies. But watching professional soccer players boot that soccer ball the entire span of the field looks really cool. You would think with the length of my legs I could generate enough torque to kick it more than 10 yards, but this has not really been the case. I never was very good in Physics class, so I will probably need some help with this one.

#2 – Get Better at Pancake Art

You know, using a squeeze bottle to create basic shapes like hearts, Christmas trees and houses should be pretty simple. And, I thought I was doing well until my art critic of a daughter started crying at the sight of the star I made her for breakfast the other day. For her sake, and the sake of pancake artists everywhere, I resolve to be better.

#1 – Be a Better Husband and Father

Let’s be honest…this is going to be my real “resolution” every January 1. If I can get closer to what God created me to be for my wife and daughter every year, I will be completely satisfied. May the impact I have on them come much more from Jesus within me than my own feeble attempts to be what I perceive to be as positive in their lives.

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