Sometimes when I sit down to write, I begin to work through each sentence in my mind. I think about the order, the nouns, the verbs and the prepositions.

I try to determine the most impactful structure for the reader but what I usually struggle with are the adjectives and adverbs.

It’s not because I can’t think of any good ones, because there are plenty. The issue I face is the rampant overuse of all the best ones to describe the most common of nouns and verbs. I mean, I almost can’t stand to tell anyone I am excited anymore. That’s how much it’s been overused.

It’s rough for writers (and wannabes like myself) who struggle to find some sort of originality in their language to give adequate descriptions and fully paint the picture of a person, place, thing or action for their audience.

But, when the unexpected loss of a dear young woman, sister, daughter, cousin, niece and friend happens, as happened today to my dear friends, all desire to come up with something creative washes away and I am left with one simple word…precious.

All I have been able to think of today is how precious Stephanie was in every single encounter I had with her.

She was not only loving, caring, gracious, polite and respectful, but she also exuded sweetness from her inner most being. She displayed confidence in her interactions with adults without feeling the need to assert how grown up she was becoming. Her spirit shone bright in her love for others and devotion to Jesus.

Her innocence was a rarity in a world full of young men and women who are all too ready to jump into the complicated existence of adulthood and leave the simplicity of childhood behind.

She was precious.

That’s it.

This word alone allows me to paint the picture of what this new angel in heaven was to those of us who knew her and continues to be to her Creator who knew she would be joining Him after such a short time here on earth.

Because when we use the word precious, no matter how often or flippantly it is or has been used, you still understand the root which leads you back to someone that not only held great value and esteem in the lives of others but also was fully beloved.

And as I write this in my own time of grieving and overwhelming empathy for my dearest friends who are in the midst of enduring such a great loss to their family, I find myself just wanting to offer my sincerest gratitude.

To Steven, Vi, Mia and Bella…thank you.

You did not keep what you knew to be precious to yourselves but freely shared her bright smile, endearing laugh and beautiful soul with the world around you and we are each better in one way or another because of it.

We will miss her dearly.

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  1. Barbara Atteberry says:

    This is perfect, Tim. Thank you for articulating your (and my) thoughts so well.

    Stephanie was PRECIOUS! The whole family is.

  2. Sheri says:

    Love this. And precious is perfect!

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