It seems as if we’ve reached a level of over-saturation with these blog post titles.

You know the ones.

Those clever little titles which seem to suggest one thing but really mean something else and the author has now sucked you into clicking on the link because of the picture which seems to support the title suggesting one thing but meaning another.

Don’t you just hate them? (sarcasm intended)

Then, you start actually reading the article and find out about half-way through, the thing you thought it was about is actually not it at all, but you’re already so far in, stopping at this point would be like holding in a sneeze (or watching Inception…just give us 2 more seconds Christopher Nolan!…geez).

So, I think I have come up with a solution. Let’s just get it all out of our systems once and for all.

The following is my list of random, misleading blog titles followed by a title more accurately reflecting the actual topic:

My Hidden Struggle with the White Powder

How Confectioners Sugar Makes Some Baking Recipes Tricky

I’ve Been Cheating on My Wife for Years

Rejecting a Couple’s Diet to Binge Eat Mini-Snickers When My Wife Is Asleep

Why I Have Decided to Slap My Child

The Importance of a Congratulatory High Five

I’m NOT Going to Tell My Spouse “I Love You” Anymore

Showing Your Spouse Love Through Your Actions

My Wife Has Been Beating Me for Years

Why I Don’t Play Cards Anymore with my Wife

My Wife Has Been Hitting the Sauce for Decades

Why I Have to Ask for 15 Ketchup Packets at Every Drive Thru

I Am Going to Die in 15 Years

Coping with A Child Leaving the Home

I Took My Last Shower 8 Months Ago and It Has Been Liberating

Why Bathing in a Tub is Much More Comfortable

I’ve Started Dating Without My Wife

Why Daddy-Daughter Outings are Important

And last but not least…

I’m Going Commando

My Decision to Stop Wearing Underwear

Oh…wait…I guess the last one is pretty accurate. Well, you get the idea. And hey, now you have a “sneak peek” of my first blog article in June.

Let that sink in for a moment.

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