I have been assisting my wife with her wedding photography for several months…or “second shooting” as they call it in the biz.

Other than a newfound appreciation for wedding photographers, in general, and a slight regret I didn’t do more squats growing up to strengthen my thigh muscles, I have come to recognize one very important detail about the wedding experience.

Pastors, priests, clergy or whoever the heck is asked to perform a wedding ceremony should get paid afterward.

Yeah, I know this is usually in the form of an “honorarium” given since, as far as I believe, most don’t have a set fee for this sort of thing (unless they were ordained just to make some extra cash on the weekends).

But seriously, there needs to be some sort of sliding scale when it comes to their performance at these ceremonies.

Maybe it can be a point system where the pastor starts with 50 points (dollar equivalent to be determined by those funding the wedding) and can go up or down based on what is said from the moment they start to the pronouncing of husband and wife.

For example…

Reference 1 Corinthians 13 correctly…add 5 points.

Use this podium to share Genesis through Revelation with the heathen guests who came just for the free bar…lose 5 points.

Remark on the beauty of two people coming together as one…add 10 points.

Make an awkward joke about the wedding night…lose 10 points.

Comment on how great the bride (and maybe groom) looks…add 5 points.

Drop the bride or groom’s ring while describing the importance of the circle…lose 5 points.

Catch a member of the wedding party who is fainting due to locking their knees…add 20 points.

Get the last name wrong when you first announce the couple as husband and wife…lose 30 points.

I think you get the idea.

Basically, there might just need to be a little more accountability for some of the “seat of the pants” type performers whose “off-script” ramblings cause more awkward moments than laughter, happy tears or applause.

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  1. Andrea says:

    YES. And wedding singers who are “friends” of the happy couple. Like okay- I know I’m your friend… But I’m your broke friend. And if you want live music to be the hinge-pin and timing of your entire ceremony- this broke friend needs a little boost.

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